At Todd & Moore, we want to give you every advantage when you take the court. That’s why we offer custom stringing for any racquet. Perfectly tune a new racquet to your game, or make sure your trusted favorite still performs with all the power and precision as it did the day you bought it. “Tennis” magazine has praised our skills in this area, using the term “tennis stringing savant” to compliment the store’s multi-tasking general manager and racquet stringer. The work is done at our store, so we can offer 24-hour turnaround time.


At Big Box Sporting Goods Store, you’ll get free baseball glove steaming if you buy certain brands within certain dates. At Todd & Moore, you’ll get free baseball glove steaming any day of the year on any glove you buy at our store, no matter whether you prefer Rawlings, Easton or Mizuno.


At Todd & Moore, you’ll never have to scavenge clearance bins with the faint hope that you’ll find Speedo swimming goggles in January. We stock gear and apparel for every sport, year-round even as a corporate sales calendar tells Big Box Sporting Goods Store, no, that sport is out of season. We pride ourselves on being the only store in the Midlands to carry swimming gear year-round.


We keep hard-to-find sizes in stock, from 4A to 6E. Our certified Fit Specialists are available to spend as much time with you as they need to ensure that your new shoes fit fabulously. That might involve helping you try on several pairs, or it might involve examining your old shoes for wear patterns that yield clues about your feet or stride. Whatever it takes, they have the commitment and the training to make sure your feet are happy.


We can help you design a great jersey for your intramural or rec team, a fabulous tee for your sorority or a shirt for a business promotion. The base shirts come in a rainbow of colors from brands such as Russell and Comfort Colors.  Steep discounts are available on orders of 12 or more with one-color printing.  Multi-color printing and embroidery are available for additional charges.

We can assist with custom decals for helmets or fans, and we also can embroider hats and visors.


Unfortunately, concussions are a growing concern even in youth sports. That’s why, at Todd & Moore, we make sure every football helmet we sell is properly fitted so that every player is protected to the utmost.

But the biggest service at Todd & Moore is the expertise of our staff. We play for fun. But we also play because it’s our passion. And we love nothing more than sharing that passion with you, whether it’s by helping you find the perfect shoes or making sure you have the equipment you need, even if your sport is “out of season.”